Urge USDA to Confiscate Lucky from San Antonio Zoo

The notorious Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) has reportedly approved the keeping of 53-year-old Lucky, a female Asian elephant, in solitary confinement at the San Antonio Zoo. This is in spite of the facts that
a) female elephants are extremely social and naturally live in close-knit multi-generational herds
b) there have been widespread protests from experts and members of the public alike
c) solitary confinement violates the AZA’s own guidelines, which require that elephants be kept in groups of three.
What you can do:Click here to read more. Then use the form at that link to tell Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to intervene and confiscate Lucky. After you submit your letter, please follow up with a phone call to Sec. Vilsack: 202-720-3631.
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