Ag-Gag Passes in TN

Big surprise.

The Tennessee House and Senate voted in favor of a bill requiring any video shot of animal cruelty to be turned over to law enforcement within 48 hours, which makes it impossible to prove long-term, corporate, institutionalized cruelty or a pattern of abuse. Agribusiness proponents of the law claim it protects animals, which is really rich, considering the well-being of animals is down in position ZERO on the list of things they care about.

The Knoxville News Sentinel, however, has more integrity and courage than Tennessee legislators. The paper stated, “If …the News Sentinel records images of animal cruelty, we will not consider ourselves bound to turn those images over to law enforcement. We will assume that the [state's] shield law, and more importantly, the First Amendment, will pre-empt such a law. I’d recommend that anyone else who believes in freedom of expression take the same position, too.”


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I've been a vegetarian for almost 30 years now, since adopting my first dog, and vegan for more than 10. Why? The simplest and truest answer is that I love animals, and knowing what happens to them just to satisfy selfish human desires makes consuming any animal products impossible. I am a NARN Board member because its goals, beliefs, and ethics are mine, and because nothing is ever done that doesn't have only the animals at heart. There are no politics, no factions, no arguments, no personal motives. As for my favorite quote, it is beyond a doubt Ralph Waldo Emerson's "The purpose of life is not to be happy. The purpose of life is to be useful. To be useful, compassionate, honorable, and to have it matter that you lived."

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