Wolves Are not Friendless

The coalition group Keep Michigan Wolves Protected managed to mobilize more than two thousand volunteers to gather enough signatures to put the issue of a wolf hunting season on the ballot in November.  Required were 161,305 signatures, and they only had 67 days instead of the usual 90, but they gathered 253,705.  The most common response was “THANK YOU for what you are doing.”

This shows the state’s legislators that they were wrong to approve a wolf-hunting bill last year, and it means all plans for a wolf-hunting season are on hold until Michigan voters — not politicians — make a decision at the ballot box in November of next year.

Collecting signatures is no one’s idea of a good time. But those volunteers knew they were all that stood between Michigan’s wolves and the bloody images we all carry in our minds.  And signature by signature, they got over a quarter of a million in two months, and they did it in the subfreezing dead of a Michigan winter.

Where you just point blank refuse to countenance injustice and cruelty, there IS a way.










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