The Seattle City and King County Council Needs to Hear from You!


Riding on the momentum of this incredible exposé,

Bamboo, Chai and Waototo need your help!

Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants have advocated for the retirement of Bamboo, Chai and Watoto, the elephants living on display at Woodland Park Zoo, to a sanctuary (read more about it in our previous post on this topic).

Sadly, the Zoo “owns” the elephants and only public pressure will help save the elephants from dying at WPZ.

Let them know you are disturbed that WPZ allows Bamboo, Chai and Watoto to suffer in an environment that directly harms their physical and psychological health and you want immediate actions taken to improve their conditions while working for retirement at a sanctuary. 

WPZ receives more than $10 million from Seattle and King county tax payers every year yet claims: “we do not have a record that gives the cost of housing or caring for the elephants”.  Ask the City and County Councils to take control over the elephants’ welfare and WPZ’s irresponsible use of our hard earned tax dollars. We want action!

We’ve included The Seattle Times’ address so they, too, hear the outpouring of support for the elephants— as well as for the article.

In the subject line, make sure to use a word like: elephant, zoo, Chai, Bamboo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

While writing an e-mail is appreciated, we understand that short letters or even postcards sent via regular mail have the greatest impact – do both!!!

Metropolitan King County Council
516 Third Ave., Rm. 1200
Seattle, WA 98104

Seattle City Council
PO Box 34025
Seattle, WA 98124-4025

For more information, go to

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