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Meat industry advertising
Non-profit organizations that advocate for animals urge us to eat less meat or forgo meat altogether at the same time as we face a constant onslaught of advertising from the meat industry urging us to eat more of their meat products. In this struggle between opposing messages, meat-oriented chain restaurants and the meat packing industry have a significant advantage in financial resources available to them.

The Milk Wars: Should Milk Be Taken Off the School-Lunch Menu?
On Thursday, a national doctors group petitioned the U.S. government to remove milk as a required food group from the National School Lunch Program, the federally assisted program that has provided lunch to millions of public school kids since 1946. The doctors’ reasoning: milk doesn’t help protect kids’ bones.


Calgary Stampede horse deaths anger animal rights activists
The debate between cowboy tradition and animal rights at the Calgary Stampede was reignited late Thursday when three horses were killed and a fourth seriously injured during a chuckwagon race at the huge annual rodeo and exhibition of Western Canadian culture  Chuckwagon racing, the marquee event of Calgary’s famous 10-day festival, is inspired by pioneering cowboys’ practice of breaking camp and racing away. The thrilling sport is a Stampede symbol but it has claimed dozens of animals over the years.


Animal Liberation Front Actions Heat Up; Will Underground Activism Make a Comeback?
As observed in this week’s feature story, the underground movement that produced the infamous 2001 arson at the University of Washington largely fell apart afterward. Its members dispersed amid squabbles and a backlash from law enforcement. But that doesn’t mean radical activism is completely dead.

Minnesota Zoo exhibit raises dolphin captivity questions
The string of dolphin deaths at the zoo has become a flashpoint for a broader debate about keeping dolphins in captivity. Zoo officials were worried about the fatalities and the public heat surrounding them, according to emails and other documents MPR News obtained through the state Data Practices Act.  Zoo officials, however, say the deaths had nothing to do with their decision to close the exhibit this fall, which they said largely has to do with the scarcity of dolphins.


St. Louis Zoo: seals probably died from stress
The St. Louis Zoo says three harbor seals that died in June while moving to the zoo from Canada likely died from stress caused by the trip. Zoo officials say in a news release that multiple factors caused the deaths but the main problem was myopathy, or muscle disease, which can develop under stress. One seal survived the trip and has joined the zoo’s seal display.

Alaska animal care standards plan draws mixed response in Fairbanks
Proposed new minimum animal care standards were met with mixed feelings during a public hearing in Fairbanks on Wednesday night.  The standards, which have been in the works since late last year, would establish the minimum levels for care of animals and give the state better tools to deal with cases of animal neglect and abuse.


Gorilla Youngsters Seen Dismantling Poachers’ Traps
Just days after a poacher’s snare had killed one of their own, two young mountain gorillas worked together Tuesday to find and destroy traps in their Rwandan forest home, according to conservationists on the scene.

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