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Beagles, kept in testing labs, get new chance at life
For the first time in their doggy lives, a group of beagles are stepping out into a world they have never known.  “They were kept in cages. They never saw the outdoors,” said Shannon Keith from the Beagle Freedom Project. “They had no enrichment in their lives like toys or quality food.”  For the past seven years the dogs have been living in animal testing labs.


USDA seeks to close loophole in animal welfare law to cover breeders who sell pets on Internet
Dog breeders who skirt animal welfare laws by selling puppies over the Internet would face tighter scrutiny under a rule change proposed Thursday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  The change would subject dog owners who breed more than four females and sell the puppies electronically, by mail or over the phone to the same oversight faced by wholesale dealers as part of the Animal Welfare Act.


Exotic animal farm in Zanesville, Ohio, is in trouble again
The Zanesville, Ohio, farm where dozens of wild animals were released from cages and then killed by law enforcement officials now faces foreclosure because the owner owes more than $14,000 in back taxes on the 70-acre property. The animals remaining from the October incident were housed and monitored at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium before being returned to the farm earlier this month.


Mysterious Mass Deaths Claim Dolphins & Pelicans
Nearly 900 dead dolphins have washed up on the beaches of northern Peru since February. Autopsies have revealed air bubbles and blood in their sinuses, indicating they suffered from “the bends,” or decompression sickness, after a panicked, rapid ascent to the ocean’s surface. If this is the case, what is spooking so many dolphins, and is that why they died?


Going Vegan: You don’t need to be wealthy to go vegan
When high-profile celebrities decide to go vegan, they cast a bright spotlight on the benefits that can come with plant-based eating, ranging from lowering your carbon footprint to improving overall health. And because we know them from other aspects of their lives, it makes it easier for us to relate to their new food choices.


Medical Firm Strikes Back at Animal Rights Group
A Los Angeles-based medical equipment supplier asked for a restraining order against an animal rights group it claims has terrorized its employees by holding protests every weekend for months at their homes and offices.  Beckman Coulter Inc. sued for an injunction and restraining order against Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, affiliated group Band of Mercy Inc., and group members.


Veganism a human right, says law grad
A Toronto law school graduate from P.E.I. is making a case for vegans to have their beliefs protected under human rights legislation.  Camille Labchuck recently made the argument before the Ontario Human Rights Commission, which has been holding hearings to define the word “creed”.

“Pink slime” label forces beef plant closures
The top U.S. producer of ammonia-treated beef that critics called “pink slime” said on Monday it will close three of its four plants after sales dropped and did not recover following recent attacks on the product.  In March, public outcry erupted over the filler for ground beef, which is made from fatty trimmings that are more susceptible to contamination than other cuts of beef. The trimmings are therefore sprayed with ammonia – more often associated with cleaning products – to remove pathogens such as salmonella and E.coli.


Baby Hawk Freed of Plastic Bag
The bird is free.  The plastic bag that had been twisted around the ankle of a baby hawk for nearly a week up in the Hawk Cam nest released its grip on early Tuesday morning. According to viewers of the Hawk Cam, when the eyas stood up at about 6:30 a.m., the bag was gone.

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