On behalf of the rest of the NARN board, I want to welcome you and thank you for your interest and support of what we do. As you may have noticed, there have been some changes around here that we are excited about. We have a new office, new board members, new website, and a renewed sense of purpose. This summer promises to be a productive one, and this blog will feature news about what’s coming up, as well as our own personal thoughts about issues in the news, animal advocacy, diet and lifestyles. Please check back often and see what we’re talking about. Thanks!

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About Pete

Vegan since 2000, elected board member of NARN since 2007. I currently serve as the board's Vice President. I believe that the drive that encourages animal exploitation is the same that allows people to exploit other people and the earth. Animal rights is the final frontier of social justice issues; it is all the same fight for fairness and liberty. Animal rights is the principle, veganism is the practice. "Until lions have their own historians, the hunters will always be the heroes" (African proverb)

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