Protest "Urban Tarzan" Premiere with Real Chimpanzee

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The new Spike TV show “Urban Tarzan” had a premiere episode featuring a young chimpanzee actor. There is a growing public awareness about the many ethical problems — brutal training practices are just one example — caused by using chimpanzees in entertainment. Please ask the show’s producers to remove the episode from the air, and to pledge never to use primates in their productions again.

You may send your letter to the creators and executive producer, Mark Basile at:

You may also submit comments to Spike TV’s Facebook page, or post concerned Tweets. 

Sample Letter to Urban Tarzan:

Dear Mr. Basile:

I was extremely disappointed to hear that Urban Tarzan featured a young chimpanzee actor in the first episode. You should know that chimpanzees used in entertainment are torn away from their mothers as infants, often repeatedly beaten during training, and then discarded when they become too strong to be managed.

The show is supposed to be about rescuing wild animals from human homes, but since it is staged you are not following your own advice! Chimpanzees do not belong in human homes and they do not belong on TV either. Aside from welfare concerns, their appearance in the media seriously hinders conservation efforts. Surely you are aware that chimpanzees are endangered species in critical need of protection?

Please make the compassionate decision to remove the chimpanzee episode from rotation, and please consider to never exploit great apes for entertainment purposes again. Thank you for your consideration of my comments on this urgent matter.

[Your name here]

Activist letters have successfully moved other companies to remove content with chimpanzee actors, so never think your efforts are wasted! (No act of kindness ever is.)