Action Alerts

i Dec 19th by

Tell Nordstrom to Stop Selling Fur

1) Visit the website of Nordstrom Downtown Seattle at and scroll down to click on “Tell Us What You Think” — then fill in the comment box to ask them to stop selling fur!
2) Please sign this online petition and share with your friends:
3) Please print out this letter, sign, and mail it to Nordstrom: Or better yet, use the letter as a template for your own personalized letter. Please do this in addition to signing the petition! Paper letters carry much more weight than petitions or emails, especially these days.


Tell Target to Stop Selling Rabbit Fur

Please call 1-800-591-3869, and tell Target to stop selling rabbit fur. And please don’t shop there until they stop!


Stop Horse Slaughter in Snohomish County

Due to changes in a federal policy, a horse slaughterhouse in Stanwood, WA could re-open. On December 19, the Snohomish Country Council will be considering a ban on horse slaughter, which would prevent that slaughterhouse as well as any others from operating in Snohomish County.

Read The Herald’s article about the proposed ban here:

Then please visit to sign our petition to ask the council members to pass the ban. Then please forward this link to friends and family to ask them to sign as well!

Thank you for caring about horses! And please show that you care about all of the animals whose lives end horrifically in slaughterhouses, by living vegan!