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Susan G. Komen’s Other Gaffe
Komen does women a disservice by continuing to channel funds into animal tests, while other cancer charities have moved on from such old-fashioned abominations or never engaged in them to begin with. From a purely human, female perspective, the fact is that animal experiments often delay effective treatments.

Two pig farms in Oklahoma accused of abuse
The Humane Society on Tuesday accused two pig-breeding facilities, one of which supplies retail giant Wal-Mart Stores Inc, of mistreating the animals by confining sows in cages during pregnancy.

Hormel ending tight confinement for pregnant pigs
Hormel Foods Corp.’s company-owned farms are phasing out the use of small metal crates for confining pregnant hogs by the end of 2017 — a move welcomed Thursday by the Humane Society of the United States, which had pushed for the change.

The Troubling Path from Pig to Pork Chop
In a Mother Jones post, Tom Philpott has aptly summarized the issues raised by a new Humane Society of the United States investigation and video report on the conditions in which pigs are propagated by two big Oklahoma pork suppliers: The remarkable thing…is how banal it is. No illegal acts like “downer” animals being forced down the kill line with fork lifts, or getting their brains bashed in with a pickax. What we have here is the everyday reality of pigs’ lives on a factory farm, without regulations flouted or spectacular violence committed. It is abuse routinized and regimented.

Going vegan on a budget
22News Anchor Elysia Rodriguez and a pair of 22News producers decided to go vegan for a month as a challenge for both weight loss and health.

Ohio bill would ban new ownership of exotic pets
Proposed legislation in Ohio would allow owners of lions, bears, gorillas and other exotic animals to keep the pets if they meet new strict requirements, but it would not allow any new purchases.

Hawaii May Ban Sale of Unsterilized Dogs, Cats
The Hawaii Senate is considering two separate bills that would each ban the sale of unsterilized dogs and cats and require pet sellers to microchip all dogs and cats prior to sale.

Senate Leader Ruggerio Introduces Legislation to Ban Animal Devocalization
Calling it inhumane to take away an animal’s voice for any reason other than medical urgency, Senate Majority Leader Dominick J. Ruggerio has introduced legislation to regulate devocalization of dogs and cats.  “This act is inhumane for any animal to go through. It is more inhumane to realize that, most often, it is for the benefit of the pet’s owner or breeder. This act should be restricted to a medical necessity,” said Senator Ruggerio.  The procedure is outlawed as a form of mutilation in nations.

Can hunting endangered animals save the species?
Some exotic animal species that are endangered in Africa are thriving on ranches in Texas, where a limited number are hunted for a high price. Ranchers say they need the income to care for the rest of the herd. Animal rights activists want the hunting to end.

Fewer Cows’ Hides May Bear the Mark of Home
Many other ranchers in California and other Western states, Ms. Burback looks with suspicion on a federal plan to institute an identification system for cattle, one that emphasizes numbered ear tags rather than brands as the official markers of a cow’s identity.Federal officials have long argued that a national identification system is necessary to quickly trace outbreaks of diseases like bovine brucellosis, tuberculosis and mad cow…The tags, which are stapled into an animal’s ear, are also less painful for the cow.

Return of Atlantic City ‘Steel Pier Diving Horse’ sparks outrage
Animal rights activists have responded to the recent announcement of the return of the Atlantic City Steel Pier Diving Horse show, planned for the summer of 2012, with a petition asking pier owners to reconsider reviving what they say is a cruel practice.