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Ask the Senate to Pass the Spay/Neuter Assistance Bill, SB 5151

Please take 5 minutes NOW to let the members of the Senate Ways & Means Committee know that you want SB 5151, the spay/neuter bill, to be passed as part of the state budget.

Three Shelter DogsSB 5151 would raise about $10 million per year exclusively for assistance with dog and cat spay/neuter surgery.

We expect that the cost savings resulting from this bill to far exceed expenditures, with savings in the range of $17-18 million per year or more.  Those savings would result from reduced animal care and control costs in our communities–costs we bear through city and county services, costs borne by nonprofit animal welfare organizations, and money spent by caring individuals who devote their lives and personal financial resources to help homeless animals.

We need to let our legislators know that in these difficult budget times it’s important to make wise spending decisions that reduce the burden of animal care and control costs and improve public safety.

Please go to this page and follow the three quick and easy steps to let the state senate know that you want this bill passed.

It’s important that you do this Tuesday or Wednesday (February 7 or 8) if possible. Please spread the word immediately through your network of friends, supporters, organizational contacts, Facebook, and other social media.  Thank you!

Questions? Contact us at

3 ways in just 3 minutes to take action against animal suffering.


Elephants form lifelong bonds.  Connie and Shaba have been together and bonded for 30 years.  Reid Park Zoo in Tucson wanted to separate them but after thousands of e-mails they are now sending them together to the San Diego Zoo.  Once there, and away from the spotlight, they will likely be separated.  Here’s more about them.

To make it easier, if you wish, you can simply copy and paste this:

Subject line: Please be humane
E-mail text: Please retire Shaba and Connie to PAWS so that they may live together in peace for the rest of their lives.

If you know anyone in Tucson, PLEASE forward this to them because politicians listen to constituents!


Ringling Bros. Circus is applying to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to renew their breeding registration for Asian elephants. They have repeatedly demonstrated that elephants should not be in their care—the largest fine in animal welfare history was levied against them. Public comments are extremely important and influence the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Being in a circus is pure hell for these gentle giants.

Address: Tapia at or call 703.358.2104 x1989
Subject line: Deny Ringling’s application for breeding application
E-mail text: Please deny Ringling’s application to renew its captive-bred wildlife registration (PRT-720230) for Asian elephants.


Please fill out the automated e-mail in the link below asking your Congressperson to support of H.R. 3359, the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Actso that wild animals are no longer forced into a life of misery in circuses.

Tell CareerBuilder to STOP Abusing Chimpanzees


Matt Ferguson
CEO, CareerBuilder
phone (773) 527-3600

Customer Service
(866) 438-1485


CareerBuilder, notorious for featuring chimpanzees in its annual Super Bowl ads, has once again ignored thousands of complaining consumers who urged the corporation to ditch the cruel commercials. Even Anjelica Huston has publicly reached out to the company! So PETA is stepping up the pressure this year to make this the last Super Bowl ad that uses a great ape.

CareerBuilder may be touting that a monitor was on set during the filming of the commercial, but that does nothing to protect the chimpanzees from the violent training sessions and deplorable living conditions that they face behind the scenes. Chimpanzees who are used in the entertainment industry are torn away from their mothers as infants and retired to dilapidated roadside zoos when they can no longer be controlled (at around the age of 8), where they will spend the rest of their lonely lives in cramped, filthy cages. Given that nine of the top 10 ad agencies and major corporations, including CareerBuilder’s main competitor, Monster, have promised never to use great apes in their commercials, CareerBuilder has no excuse but to follow suit.

Tell the Susan G. Komen Foundation to Cut Out Animal Research

Eric P. Winer, M.D.
Susan G. Komen Foundation
5005 LBJ Freeway, Suite 250
Dallas, TX 75244
phone (877) GO KOMEN (877) 465-6636
online contact form:


Every 12 minutes, a woman in America succumbs to breast cancer, but the Susan G. Komen Foundation continues to waste funds on cruel, outdated, and unreliable animal tests as the clock ticks on cancer patients’ lives. Doing nothing that will actually help in a real “Race for the Cure,” the Susan G. Komen Foundation has instead focused its time and your money on infecting mice and rats with breast cancer.

In one recent experiment, mice were injected with cancer cells and forced to grow huge tumors. The “lucky” ones were bombarded with radiation and infected with modified herpes. Others received no treatment at all. Their blood was collected by jabbing needles directly under their eyes, which causes blood vessels to rupture and other deadly complications. The mice were then killed when their tumors grew to a certain size. In other experiments, rats were killed so that their mammary glands and fat could be removed and studied.

These tests are extremely cruel to mice and rats—who, like all animals, experience pain and anguish—and the tests are also completely inaccurate because of the vast physiological variations between species. Please support humane breast cancer charities which channels funds into prevention, community-based organizations, and cutting-edge clinical research.