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Tell Woodsky’s Cruelty is not entertainment
Woodskys – a new bar in Fremont proudly holds goldfish races to entertain their drunk patrons.  During, before and after these races many of the goldfish die.  To make matters worse, the fish are kept in a small dirty tank when they are not being shot through a plastic tube by people who think sending small fish forcefully through a tube is fun.
Give Woodskys a call and let them know how you feel about their engaging in animal abuse
(they are open 4pm-2am, so you will only get an answer if you call during those hours.)

They also have a Yelp page
Woodskys also has a Facebook page on which they have been proudly advertising their goldfish races. Please post your thoughts on their Wall

Speak Out Against Bills That Hide Truths About Factory Farming
Bills that could subject whistleblowers to criminal prosecution for their efforts to expose animal abuse on factory farms are currently making their way through the Minnesota, Florida, and Iowa legislatures. Tell the governors of Florida, Iowa, and Minnesota to veto any of these bills that reach their desks.
Even if you live outside Florida, Iowa, and Minnesota, your voice is still needed. The meat from slaughtered animals crosses state lines, and the governments in these states need to hear from consumers across the country who care about the way animals killed for food are treated.

Make direct contact:

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad
1007 East Grand Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa 50319
phone (515) 281-5211
email –

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton
Office of the Governor
130 State Capitol
75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55155
phone (651) 201-3400
fax (651) 797-1850

Florida Governor Rick Scott
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001
phone (850) 488-7146
fax (850) 487-0801 (fax)

New Day Northwest’s best & worst show
King 5’s New Day NW today featured a segment on the problems with the exotic animal trade (, for which they should be thanked, but then they followed it up with a story on bull riding ( Unfortunately, like many people, they just don’t get it! It’s classic speciesism on daytime TV: cute or wild animals deserve protection while other animals are here for our entertainment. According to a reply from New Day NW Executive Producer Lindsay Johnson, she has “never seen people who treat animals with more respect than people whose livelihoods depend on them.” It is absurd to think that because one makes money off of animal exploitation they would treat the animals well; it is also simply not true. Animals buck because they do not want to be ridden. Electric prods, spurs, and bucking straps are used to irritate and enrage animals used in rodeos. Before entering the ring, cows and horses are often prodded with an electrical “hotshot” so that the pain will rile them. The flank (or “bucking”) strap is tightly cinched around the animals’ abdomens, causing them to buck vigorously in an attempt to escape the pain. The animals are transported around the country, made into spectacles, and put in harm’s way. This is not showing respect; it is pure exploitation and cruelty.

Please write to New Day NW. Thank them for addressing the many problems with the exotic animal trade and express your disappointment in their choice to follow it with a segment promoting animal cruelty. Let them know that rodeos and bull riding events are no fun for the animals and that all animals deserve protection, not just exotic ones:

Please also contact King 5 Programming, as comments to New Day NW may fall on deaf ears:

Ask the Point Defiance Zoo to Close Elephant Exhibit
Closing the elephant exhibit at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium is within sight but what about the two elephants living there?  Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium (PDZA) is holding a public comment meeting to discuss their 10-year plan which includes closing their tiny elephant exhibit – but not until poor Hanako and Suki die.  WHY WAIT for them to die? Why force them to continue to live in this physically and psychologically harmful environment?
Please write to the PDZ and ask that the humane decision be made.
Ask for Hanako and Suki to be retired to an elephant sanctuary.
Email the zoo at:
Or snail mail:
Attention Strategic Plan,
5400 North Pearl St. Tacoma, WA 98407
You can also join their facebook page and leave comments supporting the end to the elephant exhibit.

Earth to EPA:  Bees Need Help Now
Tell the EPA to seriously restrict and/or refuse new uses for three particularly suspect neonicotinoid insecticides: imidacloprid, thiomethoxam and clothianidin. These pesticides are known to be particularly toxic to honey bees, persist for years in the soil and because they are applied as seed treatments on everything from corn and canola to almonds and pome fruits, chronic exposure in the field is difficult if not impossible to control.
Lisa P. Jackson
Environmental Protection Agency
Ariel Rios Building
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20460
EPA general number (202) 272-0167

Tell Edmonds Rotary:  Fishing Is Not Kids’ Entertainment
Call or write The Rotary Club of Edmond, Washington, and politely ask that they stop promoting or working with anyone who promotes the killing of and cruelty towards animals. Let them know that it is not acceptable to encourage children (or anyone) to kill or be cruel to fish or any other animals.
The Edmonds Rotary Waterfront Festival has partnered with the Willow Creek Fish Hatchery and will be providing a shuttle bus from the festival to the hatchery, where kids under 12 can hook the animals and then have them killed and gutted for free.
Fish are not swimming vegetables; they are animals with developed nervous systems and brains capable of processing pain and fear. Author of the 2010 book Do Fish Feel Pain? and Penn State professor Victoria Braithwaite says, “We now know that fish actually are cognitively more competent than we thought before—some species of fish have very sophisticated forms of cognition…In our experiments we showed that if we hurt fish, they react, and then if we give them pain relief, they change their behavior, strongly indicating that they feel pain.”

The Rotary Club of Edmonds
PO Box 115
Edmonds, WA 98020
phone (425) 771-1744
To call or email the Club Leadership click here